About Us

Dee Cabrera

Dee Cabrera founder of ADA Supplies developed the company with one goal in mind: To be a one stop shop company for distribution to wholesale market, government and commercial entities. For more than a decade, the company’s proven growth and existence has become more competitive and customer driven. With a change of climate and technology, the company became more creative and built a strong relationship and partnership with brand manufacturers and producers.  We listen to high market demands of established customers and focus on specialty items.

Today, in a world of competition, ADA Supplies doesn’t steal ideas; we create ideas through innovation and alternative application. Continuous development from core marketing to thinking outside the box is the key.



 5 Driving Force of A.D.A Supplies


The above 5 key factors (MERIT) work in a circle of growth. By listening to our clients, they give us the motivation of creating and developing new ideas for their advancement.  The changing climate of the economy changes our approach in growing our industry. We make positive reinforcement with our competitors, by eliminating threats and rivalry by becoming their allies. The unbiased relationship, built trust and confidence from our existing customers are being replicated everyday by being consistent. The business model was built and tailored through years of experience from failures to innovative success. Invested on powerful technology silhouette the face of our small business structure to a powerful corporate point.

Capability Statement

Capability Statement

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