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     Brand: Guardian   

Product Description :   

The Velocity Harness is the best available economy harnesses on the market. One of our most popular harness models, the Velocity offers dual lanyard keepers that reduce the risk of excess webbing getting in the way during work, as well as a customizable patch that allows workers to record information on harnesses without jeopardizing webbing integrity. The Velocity is designed to present a clean, professional look on the job. It incorporates a red webbing core to provide an easily recognizable indicator of damage, and is supremely durable and lightweight.


SKU: ADA-GFP-01703
Color: Yellow
  • Product weight

    • 3.16LB / 1.36KG

    Product length

    • 35'' / 88.90CM

    Product height

    • 1.5'' / 12.56CM
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