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     Brand: PIP     

     CASE QTY - 300  Pair  

Product Description

Ideal for use in warm environments for protection from the stress of high temperatures, outdoor and indoor. Enhance cooling effects by wearing the sleeves on key pulse points like wrist or under arm.


  • Wear wet for cooling or dry for moisture wicking comfort
  • Natural evaporation provides a cooling effect delivering comfort in warm environments
  • Simply activate cooling by running under cool water
  • Cooling can be accelerated by waving the sleeve in the air when wet
  • Breathable stretch knit material and provides light abrasion protection
  • UPF 40+ blocks harmful UV rays
  • Chemical free
  • Can be worn with or without using thumbhole

391-EZ275 : Evaporative Cooling Sleeve

SKU: ADA-PIP-391-EZ275
    • Extends the brim all the way around to help protect the wearer’s ears and neck from the sun’s rays
    • Opaque covering back made from polyurethane
    • See through green colored Lexan front for overhead visibility
    • Fits full brim JSP® Evolution 6100 series hard hats
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