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       Brand: Wonder Grip®      

  Pack Size : 12 (1Doz)  

Product Description

The Wonder Grip® WG-422 Bee-Smart encapsulates our brand-new Bee-series™ knitting technique and our new generation of latex in-house developed, the HDML™ coating. The upper part of the gloves is made of an ultra lightweight liner offering both high resistance to torsion and unmatched breathability. Bee-series™ knitting technique creates a unique shape on the palm maximizing the coefficient of friction delivered by the coating itself. The low part of the glove benefits from the DuaLiner™ technology and its special support on the back of hand ensuring a snug and secure fit. WG-422 Bee-Smart sets a new standard for comfort at work, and become the ultimate glove for general handling work.


Color: Blue
    • General purpose
    • Heat resistance
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