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       Brand: Wonder Grip®      

  Pack Size : 12 (1Doz)  

Product Description

The Wonder Grip® WG-758L Dexcut® is developed to answer nowadays demanding and increasingly complex working environments. Our WG-758L integrates a 15-gauge cut-resistant liner into nitrile shell for exceptional dexterity and tactility versus standards of the industry. Chemical and cut-resistant certified, WG-758L features the appropriate protection against chemicals and medium cut hazards. Wonder Grip Technology ™ nitrile coating combined with our preformed molds TPDT ™ technology (Thermo-set Pre-Curved Design Technology ™) make WG-758L the perfect solution for excellent ergonomic performance and unrivalled grip in slippery environments.


Color: Blue
    • Cut resistance
    • Liquids
    • Chemical
    • Industrial oils
    • Heat resistance
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