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     Brand: Mechanix    

   Case Quantity :1  


  1. Sweat-absorbing DriTrek™ Comfort Technology keeps hands cool for all day comfort.
  2. 6 mil heavy-duty nitrile is stronger than latex or vinyl.
  3. Comfortable dexterity while providing trusted protection against dirt, grease, oil and chemicals.
  4. Fully textured/micro-roughened to create more surface area and ensure a superior wet or dry grip.
  5. Beaded cuffs for increased tear resistance.
  6. Latex-Free, Powder-free and Silicone-Free.
  7. EcoTek® Biodegradability Technology helps accelerate glove breakdown in landfills to 2.5 years.
  8. 50 gloves per box.
  9. Ambidextrous.


Mechanix Wear has partnered with SW®, a leading manufacturer of performance-oriented hand protection products to develop the Nickelbacks 6 Mil Sweat-Absorbing Nitrile Glove. This 6 Mil Sweat-Absorbing Nitrile Glove features a number of SW® advanced proprietary technologies to maximize performance, durability and comfort. The 6 Mil Nickelbacks are designed to absorb sweat and keep hands cool and comfortable for extended use and provide trusted protection against dirt, grease, oil and chemicals.

D07-08 : 6 Mil Nickelbacks Sweat-Absorbing Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Color: Grey
    • Petrochemical
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive Work
    • Janitorial/Sanitation
    • Paint
    • EMS/Law Enforcement
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