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     Brand: Mechanix™     

Product Description

  • Comfortable stretch-elastic cuff provides easy on and off flexibility.
  • High-tensile strength liner provides 360° EN 388: 2016 Level F & ANSI A9 cut resistance.
  • Top grain DuraHide leather protects the back of your hands while you work.
  • DuraHide leather protects your palm with extreme abrasion resistance.
  • Gunn cut finger design repositions vulnerable seams for improved durability.
  • Arc Flash Cal Rating 22 cal/cm2
  • Fire Resistant
  • The DuraHide Driver F9-360 is built with DuraHide leather and lined with high-tensile strength fibers to deliver 360° EN 388: 2016 Level F & ANSI A9 cut-resistance. The DuraHide Driver F9-360 features a Gunn cut finger design that repositions vulnerable seams, and a stretch-elastic wrist closure for easy on/off glove removal between jobs.

LD-C75 MW Durahide Leather Driver F9-360

Color: Brown
  • EN 388, EN 407, ARC 2, ANSI CUT A9

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