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     Brand: Mechanix™     

Product Description

  • Durahide™ Leather Technology infused Boar shell provides extreme abrasion resistance.
  • Touch capable fingertips made of Durahide™ Leather Technology top grain goat leather is both sensitive and durable.
  • Kevlar construction thread secures stress points throughout the entire glove.
  • Hourglass roll-over fingertip construction eliminates material overlap and vulnerable seams.
  • Extended cuff length provides added protection.
  • Pinched fingertip construction improves strength and durability
  • 2 strips of internally sewn 8mm elastic provide enhanced flexibility and a secure fit
  • Pull tab design offers convenient and secure storage with a carabiner clip
  • Machine Washable Leather


Whether it’s military, law enforcement, or flight deck operations, the Tactical Specialty Leather Utility glove is as adaptable to any situation or environment as you are. Full length Durahide ™ boar leather shell is long lasting and protects from extreme abrasions. Featuring top grain goat leather on the fingertips infused with Durahide ™ Leather Technology adding touch screen capability and an hourglass roll over fingertip construction to eliminate material overlap. With Kevlar construction thread securing stress points throughout and dual palm-side strip of internally sewn elastic enhances a secure fit while providing comfort and flexibility, this glove is the very definition of all-purpose.

LDMPLT-X75 MW Durahide M-Pact Driver C4-360

Color: Black
  • ANSI ABR 4, ANSI Puncture 4

    1. Military
    2. Law Enforcement
    3. Shooting Sports
    4. Maintenance Repair Operations
    5. Flight Deck Operations
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