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     Brand: Mechanix™     

Product Description

  • Stretch-elastic cuff creates a secure fit.
  • Form-fitting TrekDry® material keeps working hands cool and comfortable.
  • DuraHide leather thumb reinforcement.
  • Pinched fingertip construction improves fingertip strength and durability.
  • Anatomically designed two-piece palm eliminates material bunching in the palm.
  • Durahide™ performance leather protects your palm with extreme abrasion resistance.
  • Machine washable.


Pull on a pair of Durahide™ FastFit® leather gloves and get to work with Durahide™ performance leather to protect your hands when you’re in full swing. Durahide™ performance leather provides extreme abrasion resistance when operating power tools and hauling abrasive building materials. When the job’s done, just toss them in the wash for a fresh start to the work week.


LFF-75 MW Leather FastFit

Color: Brown
    • General Purpose
    • Construction
    • Carpentry & Woodwork
    • Home Improvement
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