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     Brand: Mechanix™     

Product Description

  • Cowhide gauntlet cuffs protect against welding slag.
  • Durahide Goat performance leather construction doesn’t dry out or crack with heat exposure.
  • Stitching with Kevlar® throughout provides structural integrity and resilience under constant heat.
  • Patent pending rollover fingertip design offers welders better dexterity, durability and control.
  • Glide-resistant leather side seam reinforcement protects from surface burns while you work.
  • Comfortable Keystone thumb design gives you better control.
  • Gunn Cut glove design reduces seam usage in the palm for heavy material handling.
  • Internally reinforced fingertips provide crucial heat resistance and increased wear.


A new level of control for precision welders is here. We built our Pulse welding gloves with comfortable Durahide™ goatskin and high-tenacity Kevlar® thread to create the perfect tool for TIG welders. Our patent-pending HiRoller™ fingertip design repositions exposed seams to improve dexterity, durability and control.


WS-FPLS TAA Welding Gloves

Color: White
  • Abrasion Resistance, Heat Resistance

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