UPS Shipping Center

For your convenience, we sell a variety of shipping materials.  We have various box sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and shipping tubes.

ADA Supplies is an authorized UPS Shipping Center.  You can bring your packages by during normal business hours (Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm).  All packages receive $100 of package insurance at no additional charge. With our frequent shipper program, ship 10 Packages and the 11th is free*

Packages to go = 10 for your Frequent Shipper Discount

*FREE = 5lbs and under Ground Service

** Note **  As of April 1, 2014, we are now accepting ARS/RS drop offs free of charge.

Contact Customer Service for more information at 478-329-8896

Track your UPS shipment

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Shipping Terms and Conditions
Do not dispose of any packing materials or the merchandise until the claim is paid or investigated by PEC. This retailer will not ship guns, hazardous material, alcoholic beverages, perishables or any other item prohibited by the carrier, according to the stated tarriffs and NO claim will be honored for these items. In no event will consequential damages or expenses be covered. In the event of partial loss or partial damages, coverage will be pro-rated based on total contents and total declared value of contents. Only partial reimbursement will be made. PEC retains the salvage rights for any items, which means PEC keeps the merchandise on claims. Claim payment will bemade for the lowest of: repair cost, original cost, replacement cost or declared value. Thisretailer does not ship packages valued over $25,000…by shipping this package, the shipper hereby releases Package Express Centers from and liability and understands that this package will be covered by UPS solely. All Antiques must have prior proof of value in the last 9 months.